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Reta Corkill
BSc. (Nutrition), Postgrad. Dip. Dietetics, APD, AN

Accredited Practicing Dietitian



Who are we?

Nourish to Flourish is a dietary advice service available to help those who wish to learn more about healthy eating, require dietary assistance or simply want to learn more about food and nutrition. Located in Cairns, Queensland we offer personal dietary services either in your home or at a local Medical Practice.

We are keen to see people able to make informed decisions regarding their food choices and to be able to relax and enjoy their meals. There is not one diet that suits everyone so with this in mind, we talk to individuals to find their own particular dietary needs, advise them on how to follow a healthy eating plan, learn to read nutrition information panels on food packages and how to enjoy healthy snacks.

Reta is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who completed a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics at Curtin University, Western Australia. She is a member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia. This membership offers access to the best current information, which is based on scientific research. Reta brings good knowledge of a range of clinical conditions and has a good understanding of diet-disease relationships including Type 2 diabetes, weight management, vegetarian advice and heart disease.

did you know?

You can reduce your salt
by using herbs and spices.


Individual consultations, initial assessment

This includes talking with you so we can offer you a personalised dietary assessment. We will discuss:

  • What you would like to find out from a Dietitian
  • What foods you usually eat
  • Your lifestyle and activities
  • Current and past medical history
  • Family medical history
  • Current medications and any nutrition supplements
  • Food allergies and/or special dietary requirements

After this discussion, we will provide you with feedback on your diet, whether or not you are including all the necessary vitamins and minerals in your diet and set goals as necessary. We will discuss with you the reason for any ideas we have, diet and disease relationship and how lifestyle changes may improve your health.

The goals we set will be realistic so you can make gradual changes to the food you eat.

We really want you to be able to enjoy your meals with the knowledge that you are eating to be as healthy as possible.


Review consultation

A review is a shorter assessment. This is an important appointment to see how you are coping with our recommendations.

  • We meet to see which goals/targets you have been able to reach and maybe adapt the plan.
  • We will revisit the changes to your foods discussed originally and see if there is any new information to consider, new foods to add or possible interesting additions to your diet.
  • There could be new scientific evidence to consider, a new food with newly discovered benefits?!


Home visit

It may be that you are unable to visit the consultation room but would like to see a Dietitian in your home.

  • We can offer this service, which would include all the services offered in the office setting.
  • We could even review some of the foods in your pantry if you would like.
  • There would be a small extra charge for travel.


Diet analysis using FoodWorks

FoodWorks is a specialised computer program that offers us the ability to analyse your diet.

The presence of individual minerals and vitamins in your foods are summed up and compared to the nutrient reference values of Australia.

These nutrient reference values are amounts of individual vitamins and minerals that we need on a daily basis. They are referred to as a recommended daily intake (RDI).

The RDI data has been put together based on scientific evidence to ensure our body functions in the best way possible.

We can input your foods into this program and offer you a printout so you can see how your diet compares.

  • You will need to supply a food diary.
  • This involves a record of your usual daily diet including as much accurate detail as possible regarding amounts and ingredients.

Following the analysis, we would meet and discuss possible changes to assist with your recommended daily intake (RDI) of micronutrients. A Micronutrient is another word for the tiny vitamins and minerals that are available in our food, nourish our bodies and assist growth and maintenance.


Supermarket tours

We can visit your local supermarket

We need at least 3 interested people for a tour and we will investigate:

  • Reading food labels, what to look for
  • Finding the healthiest choice
  • Cost comparisons of similar foods


Anthropometry/ Body fat percentage

This involves an analysis of your skinfolds to provide an accurate body fat percentage.

You will learn about your body type.

This could provide a starting point when considering a new workout plan or strategy to change your body shape.


Chronic medical condition

If you have a chronic medical condition, you may qualify for a Chronic Disease Management Plan (also known as a GP Management Plan or an Enhanced Primary Care Plan).

If this is the case please see your Doctor for a referral. He may allocate a number of visits to the Dietitian.

These visits could be bulk-billed and the cost covered by Medicare.

First you need to visit your Doctor who must develop a plan prior to your appointment with us for you to be eligible for this rebate.

Please bring a copy of the plan with you to your appointment.

did you know?

Walnuts are a

good source of


Service Fees

Individual consultations, initial assessment ~ $100.00

Most Private Health Care funds provide partial rebates for Initial Dietitian services depending on your level of cover.

You will be able to claim your rebate at the time of the consultation

Eftpos and credit card facilities are available. Cash payments are accepted.


Review consultation ~ $65.00

Most Private Health Care funds provide partial rebates for Review Dietitian services depending on your level of cover.

You will be able to claim your rebate at the time of the consultation

Eftpos and credit card facilities are available. Cash payments are accepted.


Home visit ~ $130.00

Duration: 1½ hours

Eftpos and credit card facilities are available. Cash payments are accepted.

You will receive a receipt so you can claim your rebate from Medicare or your private health fund..


Diet analysis using FoodWorks ~ $70.00

NB. Please note, this cost is in addition to initial assessment


Supermarket tours ~ $25.00 per person

Duration: 1½ hours

Requires a minimum of 3 people


Anthropometry/ Body fat percentage ~ $100.00

Duration: 1½ hours


Chronic medical condition ~ No charge

Duration: 45 minutes

Bulk bill, Medicare rebate, no out of pocket cost

A GP Management Plan is essential for Medicare rebate charge

You will need your Medicare card to claim the rebate

This bulk billing service is only available at the Medical Practice


did you know?

Unhulled tahini
(sesame seed paste)
is a good source of
non-dairy calcium.


Useful Links


Food Standards Australia New Zealand

This site has a variety of information about our food standards including food additives, food recalls, labelling, genetically modified foods, science and even lists of the nutrients in our foods.


Dietitians Association of Australia

This site has nutrition information as well as recipes


Kids Dig Food

A great site to explore ideas for feeding children


Australian Healthy Food Guide

Wonderful recipes and other information


Diabetes WA


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